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Company " AUTOSTUDIO" offers an auto accessories for the vechicle of the Japanese and European production, repair autoparts of original and replacement, and also great choice of auto of wheels and tires.
Company " AUTOSTUDIO" at the market there are more than three years on a sale the auto of accessories and repair autoparts.
We are ready to offer both origenal'nye and accessories of doublets and repair autoparts on the machines of the Japanese, European and American production.
Greatest choice of auto of disks with permanent addition to the new models.
We offer rubber of world producers.
Company "AUTOSTUDIO" in UAE Sharjah.

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Sharjah
Address: AUTOSTUDIO FZE Mob +971 50 9385660 Mob +971 50 1744723 P.O.BOX 121205 Sharjan - U.A.E.
Phone: + 7 (50) 938-56-60
Mobile phone: + 7 (50) 938-56-60
URL address: http://www.auto-studio.narod.ru
Contact person: Mark
Position: Manager

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